The Author

Jamie Troia is founder of Greystack Inbound Marketing, a new breed marketing agency that helps businesses transform the way they market to their customers on the Internet.

Jamie went to Siena College, and has been involved in technology and marketing since the early days of the web.

In his spare time, he runs his kids to sporting events, follows the trifecta of the Yankees, Giants and Rangers, collects and occasionally drinks small batch bourbon, and toggles his Sirius radio between Howard 100 and The Grateful Dead Channel.

He is a near life-long Howard Stern fan who has listened to Howard religiously for more than 25 years.

During that time he has been a High School Student, Plumber, College Student, GE Intern, Financial Analyst, Computer Programmer, Husband, COO, Technology Director, Marketing Consultant, Father and Entrepreneur.

He’s working hard to add Established Author to that list.