Stern Stories

Howard Stern Rules!

Howard Stern photographed during his 1994 run for the Governership of New York. Photo taken by the Author.

I learned an awful lot about Howard Stern fans while writing Stern Rules!.  Not the least of which is that many Stern fans have a story they want to tell.  Some fans want to talk about how listening to Howard has influenced them in life or in business, some fans are dying to tell their stories about what lengths they went through to meet Howard, and others want to share what they did to get Howard’s name mentioned in mass media (be it through a phony phone call, or by screaming his name during an on location news report).

As a lifelong Stern fan, I really enjoyed listening to other fan stories.  So it got me thinking, why not write another book with Howard Stern fans as the stars?

So here is your big break!  Provide a brief overview of your Stern story here and your contact information.  I’ll review all submissions and if I select your story, I’ll contact you to schedule a phone interview so that I can make your story a chapter in the new book!